Market Locator uses a variety of businesses on mobile marketing. So why not let the inspiration? We bring you a taste of campaigns that have been very successful. If you aren not sure your’s SMS message, read how to write hard-hitting message or SMS to let advice from our marketing experts.

Targeted SMS campaigns – SMS mobile marketing

Late-night shopping

Retail operation opened its operation on Sunday, which is normally closed. Has prepared an attractive offer to potential customers and presented it only through Market Locator. The operation had a high volume of traffic on a given day and goes on to repeat all of its branches. Promptly executed by manager Campaign for € 1,000.

Communication on new store

A network of specialized retail outlets opened new branches in several Slovak towns. In each town supported the opening event Locations targeted mobile SMS campaign to approximately 5,000 people in its catchment area.

Promo codes for loyalty cards

Thanks promo code contained in the targeted text messages will be possible when buying a definite contribution campaigns through Market Locator and upon reaching cost EUR 3 per new customer buyer, the trader decided to accelerate the launch of loyalty cards and used mobile SMS marketing.