Market Locator allows you to automatically share your campaigns on Facebook in the moment when they start to be sent out to your target audience. This allows you to boost the effect of your campaign over multiple channels at once. Market Locator will automatically create a beautiful landing page with the content of your campaign.

Integrate your Facebook account to Market Locator

In the right dropdown menu select "Integrations" to join your Market Locator account with your Facebook account or other social media account. Select the Facebook account which has access rights to post as your company / product page.

Setting the share settings in the campaign editor

  • In the Message tab at the bottom tick the "Share" box.
  • Choose which Facebook page you want to share your message to.
  • Enter the accompanying text which will be displayed as the share text in your Facebook feed.

How will the post look like on Facebook?

The entered accompanying text appears when your Market Locator campaign is sent as a post on Facebook.
After you click on the thumbnail a new page will open with a visual of the campaign itself in the mobile phone.