Market Locator is a simple self-service tool, powerful for targeted mobile marketing as well as for population analytics. You have the whole process under control - from registration, purchasing, account management, analytics on our maps to the creation and execution of campaigns. Here are a couple quick tips to get you up to speed & using Market Locator to your benefit.

How does Market Locator help you?

Attracting new customers
Create powerful targeted campaigns delivered via SMS, email, billboard, digital OOH or by post. All in self-service mode.
Communicating with existing customers
Upload customer lists, create signup pages to acquire customer contacts and deliver campaigns (via SMS or email) to your own customers for a fair price.
Locating your business
Understand where your target clientele lives, works and spends their weekends. Adjust your offering to the structure and behaviour of your target population.

How to start?

  1. Register - the registration is fast, simple and completly free (no credit card required)
  2. Click on the confirmation email which will land in your email. Remeber to check your spam folder, the email should arrive from
  3. In the shop you can choose the appropriate plan, buy credits and choose relevant data layers. For details on the shopping experience, click here.
  4. On the map you can select an appropriate base map from the left menu.
  5. In the tab "Layers" turn on those data layers which you want to see on the map.
  6. In the filters set a target audience that interests you.
  7. When you have selected the target group, you can start preparing your campaign.

Check out more detailed article below.

Market Locator is a simple, self-service solution for the population targeted analytics and mobile marketing.

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