Campaign creation

Why didn’t my colleague get our campaign? [TC]

Do not worry, that the Market Locator SMSs were not sent, system, you are charged only for the actual sended SMS. It may surprise you but why, for example colleague (that meets the filter criteria) didn’t received campaign. There are several reasons, and here you briefly explain, how it works with campaigns in Market Locator. […]

The unique campaign codes (discount codes) [TC]

When it pays to use a unique discount codes? Do you prepare for yours customers special discount? Do you want change normal campaign on exactly effective campaign? Do you want to make sure, that campaign will not cause too high of discounted sales of products through viral spread? Mobile campaigns in Market Locator you can store unique codes […]

Successful and inspiring campaigns[TC]

Market Locator uses a variety of businesses on mobile marketing. So why not let the inspiration? We bring you a taste of campaigns that have been very successful. If you aren not sure your’s SMS message, read how to write hard-hitting message or SMS to let advice from our marketing experts. Targeted SMS campaigns – […]

Campaign report [TC]

immediately after sent campaign you have available campaign report. Here you can see: Text of SMS message in campaign and targeting When it was sent How many was really sent How much it cost How many people click on your URL (when the message have in body our short URL) “click-through-rate”, how many people click on […]

Shortened URLs for mobile marketing [TC]

In the campaign in Market Locator you can put shortened URL link. Thanks these links you can save test character and after you can see in your report click rate on your link. After you can know how much was your SMS interesting for your customer. Short URL link insert trough “drop down”, when create […]

How to write hard-hitting SMS [TC]

SMS is specific format. From our experience with SMS marketing we prepare short list recommendation, which will ensure maximum effectiveness of your campaign.   Hard-hitting SMS message in mobile SMS marketing The Problems can be with some special characters, for example €, „“, £, [], {}, this must be not displayed for consignee. We recommend to test the functionality of special […]