The new shopping center which needed addressing how big population is in their catchment area. Based on the findings of the Market Locator prepare accurate adjustment of marketing campaigns.

For the short time available it was not possible to use standard forms of research. In the Market Locator, Client can flexibly managed and on a huge sample to identify exactly, what kind of people are in the vicinity of the new center resides. And not just the type of people have a legal address in a given place, but also what kind of people work there, sleep through, or a weekend. These statistics have analyzed visually on a map where they had a direct ability to filter by criteria of targeting.

Bank in search of new sites for affiliates use knowledge of the occurrence of the target groups during working hours.

Choosing the right locations for a new branch of the Bank has been requested from the client in order to promote rapid expansion. Through information on the Market Locator analytical had the readily available “hard-data”, which in the past were only very laborious and expensive to get, for instance through interviewers.
In this way, they can make optimal location of the branch to the place where their potential clients and working correctly determine opening hours.

Restaurant chain, they needed to understand the differences between the customer in the subsidiaries and differences to competition

In this chain restaurant was compares their operations and their location with each other and to those of its competition. Thus investigated different customers during the day and during the evening / weekend. The client was happy that for the first time able to answer these questions quickly and without the need for extensive analysis capabilities – just watch how they change “heat-maps” on Market Locator in different areas at different dates or by using different filters.