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Where can I find my current credit status?

For info on your current credit status you can look in one of the following three places. Naturally you also see your available balance withn the campaign editor. 1. On the MAP screen in the left slide out menu or on the Dashboard. 2. In the “Store” you can find your credit balance in the […]

Payment and Invoicing [TC]

Payment by TrustPay 1. Choose form of payment – Advantage card payment is immediate service activation 2. Choose your bank logo – when is not working, select “Other banks” 3. To pay through Online Banking, select “Pay Now”- it will be faster. To pay through internet bank transfer “Pay Later”. 4.When paying transfer, attention- identification number […]

How to use the shop [TC]

1. CHOOSE THE OPTIMAL PLAN FOR ZOUR’S NEEDS The plan defines access to individual features Market Locator. If you buy a plan for a longer period you get a discount. Analytics This plan gives all users the opportunity to carry out your business analytics of rich geolocation data. Relevant data can be bought in the “data layer”. […]