How do I change the language?

You can change the language of Market Locator either before loging in on the login screen or when you are within the app. Please note, that based on your language preference also all notifcation emails from Market Locator will be localized to the prefered language. 1. In the main menu click on the right hand […]

Campaign price bidding

When sending targeted campaigns through Market Locator you are subject to an contrained number of available clients with a limited number of messages that can be sent to them per month. Market Locator uses bidding to determine who’s message is sent. Campaign budget and campaign bid When creating a campaign, you not only decide how […]

Technical problems?

If you feel something in your Market Locator account isn’t working properly be sure to contact us at There are always small mistakes hidding here and there and we would be happy if you can help us find them and get rid of them. Technical requirements We recommend using one of the following up-to-date browsers: […]

Adding users

when you have layer in Market Locator, which allows adding more users. You can find this option in ‘Settings’  in the bottom this page and there you can add and remove users. This settings you can find on the main screen (map) in the top right of the gray bar, click on the icon with […]

Account setings [TC]

After click on the button next to the name in the upper right corner of the screen, you can see ‘Settings’. At this point you can change: password avatar picture set up billing information language add other users under your business account