Campaign creation

Starter plan pre malé firmy

Pre koho je Starter plan stvorený? Ste kaviareň? Malý obchodík? Začínajúci business s obmedzeným rozpočtom? Market Locator práve vám uspôsobil funkcionality pre Vaše potreby – jednoducho a lacno promovať svoj business keď sú potenciálny zákazníci poblíž. Čo za 50 eur mesačne dostávam? Jednoduchá tvorba kampaní Tvorte geolokačné kampane zacielené podľa veku a pohlavia na ľudí […]

Creating a billboard campaign

The purchasing of out-of-home (OOH) advertising such as billboards has never been easier. Letting customers know about an upcoming concert, or about your new product can be supported by an appealing visual billboard campaign. Not only can you purchase billboard space in Market Locator, we can also prepare a beautiful billboard for you! In this […]

Share campaign on Facebook

Market Locator allows you to automatically share your campaigns on Facebook in the moment when they start to be sent out to your target audience. This allows you to boost the effect of your campaign over multiple channels at once. Market Locator will automatically create a beautiful landing page with the content of your campaign. […]

LBS – Location based campaigns

Market Locator allows you to send campaigns / information messages based on the current location of your target audience = at the time when someone enters the selected area. Such campaigns are called LBS (location based services) campaigns or Location based targeting. As an example: I arrive to the Parndorf shopping center in Austria and get […]

Multi-criteria campaigns

You need to target your campaign based on attributes from multiple data layers? When creating a campaign in Market Locator you can mix and match attributes from different data layers to create the combination best resembling your target customer and thus achieve even more precise targeting. Now you can simply add new conditions to an […]

Advantages of targeted SMS marketing

What are the benefits of targeted SMS marketing? Not a very frequent marketing channel, but SMS campaiging has many advantages, many recall the well known advantages of the online environment. SMS allows a direct, targeted communication, like in on-line The ability to target campaigns to specific locations High flexibility for reaching a last-minute offers SMS allows […]