Analytics & targeting

Creating your private data layer

Market Locator enables you to create your own private data layers and vizualize these on top of the data purchased. Use this to: Visualize the locations of your stores Understand the locations of your competitors Visualise where certain events have happened Filter the visualised data Target campaigns around your locations Coming soon How to vizualize […]

Nextgen population analysis in Market Locator

Do you want to meet the future of ‪#‎population‬ ‪#‎analysis‬? Take a look at our development prototype soon to be found in your Market Locator account. Many more ‪#‎analytical‬ ‪#‎features‬ coming this year. Let us know what think and you would like to see in the next release at . In mean while check also […]

Working with the map – reach, thermometer, colorful bubbles

The Market Locator maps present a powerful tool for understanding population distributions to reach data driven business decisions. Our maps allow you to visually understand the underlying data, to visualize your own data and to create target groups for your campaigns. Here is how to use & interpret the map. 1 What is the thermometer […]

Data layers for marketing targeting and analytics

What kinds of filters are available and what do they allow? Basic socio-demographic Provides statistics on the “official” population distribution, similarly as the data from the Statistical Office. The location distribution is based on official address. Filters: age, gender. Advanced socio-demographic Provides data on the real population movement through standardized locations. This means that you […]

Case studies of geo-analysts[TC]

The new shopping center which needed addressing how big population is in their catchment area. Based on the findings of the Market Locator prepare accurate adjustment of marketing campaigns. For the short time available it was not possible to use standard forms of research. In the Market Locator, Client can flexibly managed and on a huge […]

Data exploration on maps

Market Locator presents in a clear visual form “heat-maps” of population distributions with the possibility to filter the information based on filter criteria. The data are presented in an anonymous and aggregated form so that the privacy and anonymity of individuals is safe-guarded. To see specific applications of data exploration see the Related articles section […]